Request Account

Currently, Chemical and Biophysical instrumentation in the CBIC are accounted separately. If you want to use equipment in both categories, you will need to request both accounts.

Accounts are available to all researchers at Yale, as well as people working at nearby non-profit and for-profit institutions. There is an hourly charge for instrument use that helps cover maintenance and repairs to the equipment.

If you are a student or post doc, please contact your advisor or course supervisor to discuss instrument charging before requesting an account.  They will provide you with a VIP charging number, linked to a PTAEO, which is a way for Yale to process internal financial transactions.

If you are outside of Yale, please contact the CBIC Director prior to requesting an account.

Obtain access by completing the appropriate request

Chemical Instrumentation

  • NMR: v300b, A400a, A400b, A400c, A500a, B500b
  • Mass Spec/Optical: Maldi, LS-MS, IR/Raman, UV-VIS, Polarimeter, iTC, DSC

Biophysical Instrumentation 

  • X-ray Diffraction: 007-CCD, 007-Mar, Powder-XRD, Mosquito
  • Solution Biophysics: AU, CD, Biacore, TD-Fluor, ITC, DSC
  • NMR: v500,v500wb, v600,v800