Request Account

Currently, Chemical and Biophysical instrumentation in the CBIC are accounted separately. If you want to use equipment in both categories, you will need to request both accounts.

Accounts are available to all researchers at Yale, as well as people working at nearby non-profit and for-profit institutions. There is an hourly charge for instrument use that helps cover maintenance and repairs to the equipment.

If you are a student or post doc, please contact your advisor or course supervisor to discuss instrument charging before requesting an account.  They will provide you with a VIP charging number, linked to a PTAEO, which is a way for Yale to process internal financial transactions.

If you are outside of Yale, please contact the CBIC Director prior to requesting an account.

Obtain access by completing the appropriate request

Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center

  • NMR: v300b, A400a, A400b, A400c, A500a, B500b
  • Mass Spec/Optical: Maldi, LS-MS, IR/Raman, UV-VIS, Polarimeter, iTC, DSC
  • X-ray Diffraction: 007-CCD, 007-Mar, Powder-XRD
  • Solution Biophysics: AU, CD, Biacore, TD-Fluor, ITC, DSC
  • NMR: v500,v500wb, v600,v800

Facility Online Manager (FOM)

  • microCT
  • Mosquito

Instructions for requesting a FOM account:

  1. Get an active Workday COA (Charter of Accounts) number from your advisor.
  2. Check to make sure your computer/smartphone is on a Yale local network.
  3. Click Yale FOM (Facility Online Management) to open the Yale FOM page and login using your NetID and password.
  4. Follow instructions to set up your personal FOM account. Let us know if your PI is not in our supervisor list.
  5. Follow the requested format to fill in your COA number in the account setup page.
  6. Fill in and submit the biosafety form to activate the “Add this account” button. Existing FOM users can also click “My Accounts” in your FOM account to add a new account. An updated biosafety form is required for each new COA account.
  7. Go to the “User Home” page, click the small square button next to “Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center” below “Available Equipment” to open the dropdown instrument list.
  8. Select the instrument you would like to access. In the pop-up “New User Application Form”  choose “Internal” user and hit “Apply” button. The core manager will be informed by email and you will be contacted for training arrangements.