Request Account

Accounts are available to all researchers at Yale, as well as people working at nearby non-profit and for-profit institutions. There is an hourly charge for instrument use that helps cover maintenance and repairs to the equipment.

If you are a student or post doc, please contact your advisor or supervisor to discuss instrument charging before requesting an account.  They will provide you with a COA charging number, which is a way for Yale to process internal financial transactions.

If you are outside of Yale, we recommend that you contact the CBIC Director or a staff member prior to requesting an account.

The CBIC is now using PPMS.  You will need an active PPMS account prior to using the CBIC.

Obtain your PPMS account here:

After your PPMS account is set up, you will need to submit a training request for the instruments you wish to use.

Submit a training request here:

PPMS Help Documents: