Yale CBIC has transitioned to Stratocore PPMS, Yale’s new university-wide online booking and billing system

Set up your New User Account in PPMS for CBIC access after 10/1/23

To set up your new account, click here: https://ppms.us/yale/areq/?pf=22

We have made a short video that shows an overview of the steps required to setup your PPMS account:


If you are from Chemistry, your financial account information may already be present in PPMS. Please confirm that everything is correct. All other new users will need to have their charging information approved in PPMS via the business office in their own department.

Any CBIC user not fully set up in PPMS (including financial account information) will not be able to use the CBIC. Set up your account now to avoid delays and disruptions.

New PPMS Booking System – please use the online guides to get started

PPMS Help Documents:

If you need assistance, reach out to your department’s business office. If you are from Chemistry, stop by the chemistry stockroom.